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Penn Greenie

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I have a smaller Penn Greenie, maybe a 704, I do not recall exactly. If it makes a difference, I can go check the reel, it is on the boat. I bought the reel in 1978 or so, and have just gotten it back form Penn who did a full refurbishment on it. I have a line twist problem constantly with this reel. I can respool etc. and after a hundred casts or so, I have huge line twist. I can get the twist out by dragging the line behind the boat, but in a short bit, it is back.I have put a Shimano on the same rod, and not a problem. Does anyone know what the problem is, and can I solve it?
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Hey Quailoh, I think if the reel is smaller it might not be a 704. The 704s are 26-28oz I believe. Maybe you have a 710 or 713. Doesnt it say what it is on the nickel plate? Anyway, I have the same issue with my 710, yesterday fishing the surf in Long Branch I had to cast out far and retrieve with tension on the line to get it back on the spool straight. Would love to hear what people have to say.
Blazetoy wrote:
I'm looking to buy a 713 Greenie

Sal, I have a Penn 713 Greenie for sale. Its in great shape. Its a lefy FYI. Are you interested? PM me, i will be in Brooklyn this weekend.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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