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Penn Greenie

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I have a smaller Penn Greenie, maybe a 704, I do not recall exactly. If it makes a difference, I can go check the reel, it is on the boat. I bought the reel in 1978 or so, and have just gotten it back form Penn who did a full refurbishment on it. I have a line twist problem constantly with this reel. I can respool etc. and after a hundred casts or so, I have huge line twist. I can get the twist out by dragging the line behind the boat, but in a short bit, it is back.I have put a Shimano on the same rod, and not a problem. Does anyone know what the problem is, and can I solve it?
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This is just a wild guess but I would think the spool size and the size of the guides are mismatched ?? Perhaps the line is hitting the guides causing it to twist on the retrieve? I can't imagine what would possibly cause that.
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