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A friend of mine grandfather had passed away and i was helping him clean out his stuff. We were in his basement and i stumbled upon a bunch of old rods and then their it was a Penn 700 spinfisher Greenie. The reel is in pretty crappy condition. It hasnt been oiled how about even moved from the spot it found it in for god knows how long. I always see people posting about these reels and have seen them sell for alot of money on E-bay so i was wondering if anyone can give me any info on the specifics of the reel and what i can do to have it restored. The paint is chipped in alot of places and i cant even budge the screws to take a look inside of it. The reel turns suprisingly, and the spool is in mint condition compared to the rest of the reel. I put a little oil on it and got it moving a little better but like i said i cant get inside the reel and im scared im gonna strip the screws and never get the sideplate off Any info would be much appreciated on the reel and where if anyone knows someone who restores these types of reels or am i better off just bringing it to Bernies B&T. in Brooklyn and seeing what they could do with the reel.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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