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Penn 109

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Anyone of you use this reel? Its really nice and smooth. Penn 109 w/level wind has the green handles. I think this model is discontinued :confused: I bought one off ebay and used it yesterday. Married it to a bass pro shops cheapo muskie rod XH 6'3 15-40lb spooled with 30PP. It was handling the gator blues pretty well but I was wondering how it would do vs the mighty bass :confused: Sweet reel, i love those old school Penn reels.

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I use numer 9s on all my inshore bottom fishing rods, Workhorses that most newbies can't even screw up. I have caught a few 20-30 inch bass on them.
pjm66 wrote:
Interesting reel. Any issues with braid? Can the drags be cost effectively upgraded? I was thiking with 20 lb braid and modern carbon matix drag washers, this would be a fluke killer.

No need to upgrade the drag washers for fluke. Of course it wouldn't hurt, but it's not necessary.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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