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As some of you know we are dealers of Patriot-Design tackle. Patriot-Design is Matsutani's new company. He was formerly with Sevenseas tackle. The quality of the product is undeniable high end Japanese. Hand crafted and each plug being tuned by P-D before they are shipped. The back end of the popper has an egg sinker with straight through stainless steel wire. Over sized stainless steel grommets hold the front swivel in place as well as the attachment point for your line connection and front hook. What really sets them apart is the hand painting of each popper. The detail is what we have come to expect from Matsutani. Uncompromising and beautiful. These plugs were designed for hunting Giant Tuna and Giant Trevally.
Available in 3 sizes:
205g and 205mm long (8.07in 7.23oz)
155g and 170mm long (6.69in 5.46oz)
135g and 170mm long (6.69in 4.76oz)
We have them in the following colors: Mackerel, Black Devil,Android,Pink Fish, GT Candy.

They will be on the website shortly but its best to call the store as many of the plugs were pre-sold before they arrived.

We will have some P-D rods in the shop shortly as well. We have been selling them over the web since they became available a few months ago. Some details: double wrapped Kevlar blanks. Custom titanium low profile guides. 2 tone grips. I will post some specs and pictures shortly.


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