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Patchogue Fishing

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Just got my first boat today. A 26' Seaswirl Striper. anyway i wanted to go out fishing tomorow but dont wanna go all the way to the inlet. Anyone know a good spot for some flounder or fluke. Maybe some directions?
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The trouble with where you are is that the only places for decent fish are a trip. either you go to FI Inlet or Moriches inlet. Tried helping you out once before. Did you get your charts yet? the trouble with the GSB is that we do not get a fresh flow of water. If they ever dredge Moriches inlet the flow will be better. Try Smiths Point bridge and Moriches bay. That is about the closest for you being out of Patchouge shores.


Another option is to travel West to the mouth of the Connetquot and drift worms for Weakfish. I agree with Baywatch. It's unfortunate, but if you asked any angler to pick the worst port to fish from on the South Shore, it would be the Patchogue shores.

It's a shame too because with the 26 footer you're equiped to do some nice runs twenty to forty miles offshore. But from Patchogue you're gonna have to cut that range down to twenty-five to thirty miles max unless you consider bringing extra containers of fuel or making a stop at a marina closer to one of the inlets to top-off the tank before you hit the ocean. Even a simple fluke trip is gonna be a costly day in fuel for you.
thanks for your replies guys. Yeah I kinda figures patchogue was gonna be in the middle but finding dockspace was a problem. im gonna either go farther east or west next year. But this is my first boat and I didn't really know to consider all of that. Smiths point bridge isn't that bad of a ride. Think I could catch some stripers over there. And that weakfish run to Connetquot sounds good. Yes I bought the maps and charts and im getting a gps installed.
some spots

As stated when you get the boat set up or you need some more spots you can e-mail me at [email protected]. I am out of Patchouge river and I was a little troubled about my location also. There are some productive spots on your way to either inlet. The only reason I go to FI inlet is that it a little bigger inlet. Don't get the wrong idea but to fish Moriches you will need that GPS to create a route as there are no markers to get you there. It is considered a non navigable inlet by NOAA and that is why it does not show up on charts.

I am retired and usally fish during the week so if you are off send a note and I will try to help you out.

If you are considering a move east you should start looking now and also consider that you will be paying about 60-65 a foot for in the water storage only. Maybe even more. I have a friend that also lives in Centereach and he keeps his Grady(22) out in Hampton Bays. I have fished with him before and the 40 minute ride eash way is a killer. I have considered a move also but the marinas are packed. That is why you see so many boats up in the racks.

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Dont let everyone discourage you about the area, there is some good fishing around the Patchogue area. Last year we had some very good Weakfishing in the deeper areas off of Davis Park and Watch Hill, also right off Patchogue river. We also did good on the shell beds off of Bayport and Sayville. These patterns seen to be developeing this year as well as some good fish have already been taken. These areas are only a short run from where you are. Shrimp touts twister tail grubs and rubber worms all work well, as well as the standard high hook rig drifted with a flag of squid. Good fishing.
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