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Patchogue Dock

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whats with this place??? I had 1 good day of fishing down there last year beating up on the kingfish...

Ive been there too many times over the last few months and Ive caught NOTHING not a sea robin no nothing....

all I ever hear about is how good this dock " used to be" but so far.. no dice.. what gives??

I mean my only guess is that its shallowed up over the years and thats the main problem along with the lack of water clarity....
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I know that last year we would hit heards of those bunker right by the mouth of the river but i never have seen them that close to the dock.

What kind of fish are brought up around that dock? I think it was last year or the year before that i remember seeing a lady catch a huge bass out of there but thats it. I can see Kingfish but wow, i never thought that the bay produced any more kingfish. As a kid about 10 years ago i used to go fishing with my parents off of hecksher park via boat and catch a ton of kingfish and weaks. Man i miss those days!

So i guess you guys are throwing bunker and clam at this dock?
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