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Patchogue Dock

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whats with this place??? I had 1 good day of fishing down there last year beating up on the kingfish...

Ive been there too many times over the last few months and Ive caught NOTHING not a sea robin no nothing....

all I ever hear about is how good this dock " used to be" but so far.. no dice.. what gives??

I mean my only guess is that its shallowed up over the years and thats the main problem along with the lack of water clarity....
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not sure as Ive caught kingfish at weird times... honestly I think the best time down there is the top of the incoming, first of the outgoing... cuz Ive been there at all other stages of the tide except for those and had no luck....

another problem down there is too many people walking around... I tried keeping a rod in the water with a sinker and a hook leaning on the bench and casting and retriving a bucktail with another, and people walk by and get clotheslined by my 20lb braid.... so stressful LOL
was at the L dock tonight.... saw some small crabs around but what had me a little excited was tons of bunker around the dock around 10pm,there were small schools of bunker, roughtly 20-30 fish in each school swimming in super tight circles... nothing seemed to be bothering them though... but my thinking was why is bunker swimming so close to a dock in shallow water... I was thinking that maybe some bass or blues were pinning them in so close but the bunker werent jumping around at all.... shows what I know about bunker LOL... I was told that they swim in tight circles when they feel threatened, but at the same time I looked up on google that they swim in tight circles when feeding...... any thoughts?
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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