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Patchogue Dock

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whats with this place??? I had 1 good day of fishing down there last year beating up on the kingfish...

Ive been there too many times over the last few months and Ive caught NOTHING not a sea robin no nothing....

all I ever hear about is how good this dock " used to be" but so far.. no dice.. what gives??

I mean my only guess is that its shallowed up over the years and thats the main problem along with the lack of water clarity....
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Most of the dock is in the shallows.. out on the "L" you have deep water high tide gives you a shot..

Stoneguy77 wrote:
Sandspit? Mascot? Are these slang names for some of these spots or am I missing the obvious?

Sandspit, is a Marina with a fishing dock, as well as two jetties.. the east jetty is fishable if you are extremely well equipped with korkers and good balance and no beer..

The west jetty is long and flat and more user friendly...

Mascot dock aka the "L" dock is in very shallow water until the end of the "L"..

I know of no rockpiles near the L dock but Sandspit borders the Patchogue river. I've had better luck at nearby docks but I'll leave it at that.
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1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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