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What you describe is exactly what the conditions are on the Shinne**** Reef.

Here are 2 blanks that I use. Calstar GX7 and Seeker CSW658, 7' and 6 1/2'. Both are composite blanks. They are very sensitive with back bone should you latch onto a big fish. My customers love them. I use Abu Garcia 6500 reels.

For factory rods I would check out Seeker, Lamiglas, Diawa and Shakespeare. St Croix certainly is in the same league.

I prefer a composite rod due to the sensitivity of the graphite and the flex of the fiberglass, best of both worlds. Synthetic line and a composite rod is a great marriage.

I prefer a 7' long rod when I fish on large party boats. Easier to swing fish over the rail (BLUES) and also get away from the boat when anchored. I like a longer rod when drifting and the line is under the boat.

Since I like to fish with rod and reel that isn't heavy to hold I would save a 320 GTI for serious black fishing, a good reel but too heavy for me to catch sea bass and porgys.

Capt Neil

Have Fun Fishing. Capt Neil
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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