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Party Boat help

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Am hoping to go out on a headboat on Wed.6/12,,its been 20 yrs since the last time I was out,am taking my 19 yr old son with me,,I am located near Binghamton NY and will probably be coming in on Rte.80,,I'm thinking of heading to Atlantic Highlands in NJ,,We're just hoping to catch some Salt water fish,(hopfully edible)Question?? any recommendations for a boat? would another Marina be better(we're hoping to keep trip as short as possible ) we figure about31/2-4 hours from here...?is now a good time to go out or should we wait a few more weeks?...What fish should we look target on a head boat now??? any other suggestions greatly appreciated,,Thanks&Tightlines,,Mark
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this is indeed a good time to come down to LI to sample the salty action.You said youre looking to go somewhere as close to Binghmton as possible, right? Since youre traveling some distance, and do not get a chance to fish saltwater often (I presume?), you may want to try some bottom fishing for seabass, blacks, ect.The action is excellent right now, with some decent sizes(not the case at all with fluke!). If you know where Point Lookout, NY is, the Capt Al cannot be beat for this fishing. There are also some good boats in Sheepshead Bay (Brooklyn), like the Pilot, Ocean Eagle, and Jet. If you need more info, like directions, phone #s, ect, you can feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]. GOOD LUCK!!!!!
I had to come back , I forgot another excellent option, the Reel Challenge in Seaford. It is a charter which runs open on Mon-Wed, first 5 or 6 people who call(516-541-2006).The owner/operator, Tony, is a true gentleman and a **** good fisherman who will take the time to teach novices. Also, its better than the larger boats since there will be only a max 6 people, so he can give more one on one help.Everything you need is supplied (rods, tackle, bait, ice, ect).If you go on 06/12, thats a Wed, I may be there too. If you give Tony a call, tell him Jason gave you his # (that's me!)Hope to see ya !
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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