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Parker -vs- Steiger

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I am debating over buying a used Parker 2520 or a Steiger Chesapeke. I noticed a lot of opinions about the Parker in a previous page. Does anyone have a fair opinion on both of these boats. My boat will be used mostly for inshore ocean fishing with 5-8 runs offshore a year.
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They are both great boats. The largest difference is hull construction:

the Steiger is all fiberglass with a lifetime limited warrantee.

the Parker has a wood core with a 5-year transferrable warrantee.

A wood core on the Parker means that you need to be careful when installing thru-hull fittings and bedding hardware to guard against rot.

Both boats in mod-vee have a 14 degree deadrise. Parker offers a deep-vee model with a 21 degree deadrise.

The Parker is slightly beamier at 9'6", vs. the Steiger at 9'3".

If you are looking at outboard power the Parker offers Yamaha, vs. the Steiger (Mercury). You can purchase a Steiger new with a Merc I/O diesel.

My feeling is that the deep-vee Parker is better suited to offshore use. Both boats will serve you well inshore.

Both companies are outstanding and stand behind their products.

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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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