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Parker boats

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Hi,Anybody have or know which is a better Parker21 footer,with a 21 inch deadrise or the modified 14 deadrise? The dealer swears that the 14 outsells the 21 degree deadrise.I was more interested in the 21 but now im not sure? He told me the 21 footer is way too small for 21 degrees deadrise ,Thanks,Davey
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What dealer told you that? There is only one NY dealer, I have a 23 sport cabin with the deepvee it saves your back and teeth from getting knocked out on those windy choppy days, if you are going to fish backbay, calm, shallow areas, i would go with the 14 degree,if you want to run around in the snotty weather conditions without having to go at a snails pace get the deepvee,remember if you go for the deepvee step up the horsepower a little. Good Luck Frank
I also have a 23SC with a 21 degree deadrise. The previous post is pretty accurate. Who is your salesman? Stay with the larger deadrise, you will like the boat better. This way you can keep the fillings in your teeth.
I think if you are talking about the center console 21, the dealer is right that the 14 deadrise modified vee -- known as the 21 SE -- is far more popular and outsells the deep vee. The 21 SE seems to me to be the most popular Parker model. If you ever do fly/light tackle fishing at Montauk in the fall you will see that many people have the 21 SE as it is just about the most popular boat out there. I think the other people who posted -- who have the cabin boats -- have different priorities/needs as compared with someone looking for a center console.
I guess you have one of these 21's. I was giving my view of the boat especially doing most of my boating in the Great South Bay, which at times is like a huge washer machine. I also had my boat out in Montauk for 2 weeks and was satisfied with the way the boat handled. White Water is the only dealer in the LI area for these boats and they do sell a lot of them. I am not that familiar with the 21, but having a bad back I decieded to go with the larger deadrise. I would take a ride in both before making a decision especially with the price of these boats. You might even decide to test a Grady for that matter. Yes they are more money but seem to have a few more standard items then the Parker.I would also recommened if you did go for the Grady go to Greenport and deal with Bill from the Port of Egypt. You won't be dissapointed. Do your homework before signing on the dotted line.
I would have to agree with NYC. Comparing the Parker 23 SC and the 21 CC is like comparing apples to oranges. The most popular application for the 21 CC is flats and bay fishing where the 21 deadrise would be detrimental. However, I am sure the 21 deadrise on the 23' comes in handy when venturing into rougher seas. Personally, I think that if you are looking for a no-frills fishing vessel, Parker is the way to go.
Most options that can be selected on boats have both good features as well as drawbacks. The deep vee will give a smoother ride in choppy seas allowing the boat to ride at a reasonable cruising speed without too many dental fillings dropping out. The drawback to this feature is stability when the boat is stopped and its time to fish. The deep vee is less stable than the modified vee at rest. You will have to decide which is more important to you. Fly fisher folk spend a lot of time on the casting platform and stability at rest is important to them. They do pay the price when running in choppy seas.

Good luck with whatever option you decide.
Thanks guys for all your ideas. I didnt go to the new york Parker dealer. I spoke to a dealer in jersey. I think fishing alot of NY bay in later fall and early spring the 21 degrees would be the boat for me.I mostly troll and also fish eels and bait in the rips...e.t.c.. and around the narrows.I think a 225 is needed for the 23 foot deep vee and a 200 for the 21 deep vee? Again thanks for all the info,davey
The M-vee will need less power then the D-vee and will be much more fuel efficiant ..It will also drift better ..In heavy seas I suggest trim tabs, lower the nose and slow down a few rpm's ..Its rides much better that way alot less banging ..Now if you go offshore alot you should consider a D-vee more money to buy boat and less efficiant ..But than again are you going far offshore in a 21' boat alot unless of course its real nice .Then either why you don't have to worry ..Just a thought ..Good Luck !!


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