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Palm Beach Help !!!!!

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Hey Guys,
wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions for a 6 pack charter out of palm beach.Im not going on this trip just doing this as a favor to my friends who arent very big fisherman. All there looking to do is bend some rods and catch some fish. So i was thinking like live bait reef/wreck fishing. As long as there catching something they wont care. This part of Florida im not familar with Ive always fished the keys and the west coast of florida. Thanks for your time. Tight Lines Chris
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I would check out the boat Osprey at Sailfish marina. There is also a bottom fishing boat called Samana at another marina that I can't think of the name. The 'fin and Wahoo bite has been pretty good. Tell your friends to look into a nighttime sword trip. They are catching pretty good numbers of fish in the 90-200lbs range. If they want to travel down to Miami they should hook up with Ray on the Miss Britt. He is the "Man" and it would be worth the drive.
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