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Paddle Wanted

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Anyone have an extra paddle they would like to sell? I have a Pelican kayak (crap) but the paddle is even worse. I plan to upgrade next season since I like kayaking but would like a better paddle for the rest of this season. Any help?
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I have a crankshaft lendal archipelago paddle for sale. The shaft is carbon fiber and fiberglass with a paddle lock system, the blades are yellow, the left blade is perfect, the right has a small chip out of the bottom running edge from hitting a rock. The paddle was made in Scotland so this isnt any asian cheap knock-off. Retails for over 250.00. I just picked it up for 120.00 but it is a little short for me 215cm. If you can pick up I will sell for 100.00. Shoot me a IM if interested.

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