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Float them

Having Commercially fished Tuna we found the Crushed ice, Saltwater and Koshersalt the best way to keep them like Ironing boards. We always cut the heads right off and cut the anus then the side plate and stick a hose in the anuse and flush out the guts. Then we also cut the tails for room and stick them in a Brine of crushed ice ,Koshersalt, and Saltwater. We would let the fish Float in the Brine and never have them Brusie from the rough trip.We exported many Bigeye's and got top dollar for them this way .
We never had a comp[laint about the fat content. Water won't break down fat the improper temperature is the thing that cause the fat break down. Being in a brine lets the fish get even temperature
which is most important.
I wish they would put spell ck on this posting program?
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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