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overloading the rod- how many sizes up do you go?

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have an 8wt, 9'- using a 9wt forward,
intermediate line. someone suggested i go up to a 10wt line. still a newbie and don't have my double haul timing
(read line speed) down pat but the
9wt line casts a helluva lot better than the 8wt line that i originally bought wth the rod. the person who suggested the 10wt thought it would improve my casting. only real way to tell is to put it on my rod and test it out. any thoughts and or suggestions?
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For a full line you can usually go 1 weight more (or less) than the rating on the rod and not have too much impact on the action. For heads I always go 2 weights more (e.g. 9wt rod gets an 11wt head).

OTOH, if you are continually finding that you need to overload your rod, maybe it's time for a heavier rod? Or at least a multi-weight rod.

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