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outriggers for the Kayak

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I picked up a set of Hobie AMA pontoons today from Capt Kayak.:))another great experience dealing with him:))I brought my daughter with me and Jerry showed her the ins and outs of the Hobies in a demo model he had there, looks like there may be more than 1 of us in the family out there now.:)
I just had to make up a spacer to make them fit where I wanted the on my Tarpon 120 since they were made for Hobies. They should give lots of stability, they have 3 different setting from just touching the water to in the water and finally out of the water. Someone told me that with these on they can throw a castnet standing in their Yak.Thanks Capt Kayak for another smooth experience, hopefully I'll make it to Sayville for your grand opening on the 31st
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hi i have that same yak and was thinking about adding the rudder,does it really make a big differance and in what way.i think its a very stable yak turned around yesterday just to see if i could no problem,i also rocked and tryed to roll it i can leen pretty far.have not caugth any fish yet with the wind and dirty water
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