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outriggers for the Kayak

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I picked up a set of Hobie AMA pontoons today from Capt Kayak.:))another great experience dealing with him:))I brought my daughter with me and Jerry showed her the ins and outs of the Hobies in a demo model he had there, looks like there may be more than 1 of us in the family out there now.:)
I just had to make up a spacer to make them fit where I wanted the on my Tarpon 120 since they were made for Hobies. They should give lots of stability, they have 3 different setting from just touching the water to in the water and finally out of the water. Someone told me that with these on they can throw a castnet standing in their Yak.Thanks Capt Kayak for another smooth experience, hopefully I'll make it to Sayville for your grand opening on the 31st
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Canoe outriggers

Hi I am looking for a little advice about outriggers on a canoe. I am planning to make a set out of pvc using 4" for the floats ans connecting them to each other with a piece of 2" my guess is the whole set up will be under 25 bucks. My question is where to locate them on the canoe so they will be out of the way when casting and retrieving lines is it better set them behind you or towards the bow
Thanks in advance ..Bob
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