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Outrigger Question

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I just bought a slightly used Hydra-Sports 2600 WA with a hard-top, but no outriggers. I'm planning to buy some in the near future, but have questions I'd like to throw out to the field. I'm looking at either top-guns or grand slams. Should I go with the fixed or adjustable mounts? Certainly, the adjustables have the inherent pros, but are they reliable (I'm concerend that with extra-moving parts, there are more things that can go wrong)? I'd rather not spend the extra $$ if the fixed mounts will serve most purposes.
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I have a 23 hydraspotr wa with a hard ttop. I was looking into the new bolt on outriggers made by Atlantic Towers. Check out the Atlantic toewers web site at
I settled on Lee Sidewinders with the adjustable collar to a lie-down position. I did this because I dock my boat at a marina alongside a bridge that is not manned between 10pm and 6 am, so I could forget about drifting eels this year or running out before daybreak. In any event I posted a Q a few weeks ago about Top Gunns. My buddies at Stalker have TG's on their center console and have had problems as have had others, they now no longer carry the TG. In response to my Q others have said they have had no problems with the TGs
Thanks Blue Ayes. You response echoes some of the feedback that friends/family have given regarding the TG's. Do you like the Lees?

The Sidewinders are going on my new 2002 29' Amberjack. I had Taco collapsibles on my current boat (for sale soon on the Sale discussion board with the elbows) in any event I went with the recommendation of friends and Marina people including the guys from Stalker who Ive fished with and known for a few years, they wouldnt steer me wrong.
Well, I decided to go ahead with the Taco Grand Slams with the fixed positions. I got a great deal.
Follow what BLUE EYES recommended. I had the pleasure of fishing on his boat and they worked quite well.
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Keep your feet dry and
catch 'em up.
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