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outerwear for kayak fishing?

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Bought a kayak (Hobie Outback with a mirage drive thanks Jerry)

What style/make PFD's and paddle gear does everybody suggest.

For the summer time I assume I'll be mostly sticking with the UV protective shirt and shorts. And any pair of shoes I feel like getting wet. And of course a lot of safety equip.

I also have two 3/2 wetsuit's a full and short.

Will these get any use? or should I be looking at dry suits or some breathable waterproof sailing gear. I hope to be using my new kayak as much as possible so any suggestion for gear would be great.

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I have this Stohlquist that my daughter got me when I first picked up my kayak--very comfortable you can wear it all day with no problems. Get something that is comfortable that you will want to wear instead of getting something to throw on the yak (it does no good if you're not wearing it)

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