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At this point in time I would suggest purchasing a Four Stroke engine.

The price difference between 4 stroke and 2 stroke engines is about 20% if you shop around.

You will quickly make up this difference in gas and oil savings, especially with a larger engine like a 200 hp.

When it comes for you to repower in the future, your 4 stroke will hold its value much better than a 2 stroke.

Plus you also get the benefit of increased range for your boat,less noise and you will be helping to limit the amount of pollution you contribute to the enviornment you enjoy.

As for manufacturer, that is a loaded question and I am sure you will receive many responses.
Personally I would suggest Yamaha or Honda, as they have a very good track record with outboards and 4 stroke.

I own a Yamaha 4 stroke, VERY pleased with its performance and fuel economy.

While shopping for the motor, I heard this quote from several dealers:

"I hate these 4 strokes, we make no money on service, nothing goes wrong with them"

Now ofcourse they were joking, but there is truth in their statement.

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Yamaha HPDI

I have a 200 Yammaha HPDI, high pressure direct injection, that is a 2001 model and meets the specs for emmisions that will be in effect in 2006. I was condidering a trade up to the new 250 HPDI. I would be willing to talk price with you for this engine. The engine has about 150 hours on it and runs great, it is guiet and great for trolling. My flo scan does not even pick up the GPH when ideling. I was offered a price for a trade but it was a little low. I would like about 9k for the engine. Pleae keep in mind that you will have to also get the oil tank and proably controls.

If anyone interestded please contact me at [email protected].

The new engines will be in in about 30-60 days.

Bill M

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I have had the new engine on and started the break in process this afternoon. It is unbelievably quite and smoke free. I have also noticed a considerable reduction in vibration. I await my frirst offshore trip with it. So far, i feel it was well worth the extra $, campared to other manufacturers.

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yammy 4 strokes

i too was back and forth when buying my boat this wife made the decision easy, she hates the smoke,makes her sick,well let me tell ya these things are awesome,they pur at
4500 rpm and are sweet on fuel,and it idle you cant hear em at all,youll forget there on...and youll never forget a 2 stroke is oil issue is another plus
when i run out of the inlet at 6 knts you can hear the water off the hull over tha of the PAIR of 225 4 stroke yammys
so if your budget allows i would...but the hpdi's kick ass dont gt me wrong
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