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Outboard Engine Problem, Help!!!

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OK, I need some help. I have a 21 ft Seaswirl with a Johnson 130 outboard. I was out fishing on Saturday, everything was fine. I stopped on the way in to make a few casts, and when I went to start up again, nothing. I eventually had to get a tow from SeaTow. (Thank God for tow insurance). I can't figure out what is wrong. I get absolutly nothing when I try to start the motor. All of the other electrical systems are fine. I don't believe it is the starter, or the batteries, nothing happens at all when I turn the key (no clicking of the starter, just silence). All of the wireing looks fine, I checked the connections to the battery, and they are fine. My guess is either a simple loose wire that I haven't found, or possible a problem with the shifter.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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bassman, get into it!

bassman, get on it. you have some trouble shooting to do

you need a test light, connunity tester, some basic wireing stuff like crimp connectors, liquid elecrtic tape, electric tape, cable ties, ***** or nippers, some jury rigged jumpers of alligator clips and 12 guage wire

steve and b are correct. but i would start by checking ground at motor with conntunity tester and go from there, check from battery out with connunity tester, test light and or jumpers

neg and pos battery post to cable clamp

cable clamp to motor ground

pos wire from clamp to starter post

and on and on till you find a fault and correct

go up to key assembly ...remove and check with test light or jumpers , see if you get her to kick. faulty key assembly happens

while your doing it correct any defects and corroded conectors you see that may cause future problems

if everything else works like you say, your really just looking at the starting circut. so follow that out from the all important battery after checking ground is ok, of course.

follow the starting circut and from checking useing test light and jumpers figure if your getting juice to starter when you turn key

worst case your needing to replace starter or easy is bad wire somewhere or your key assembly is shot

i like figureing this stuff out in the middle of a channel in 4 ft swells!

have fun

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good , were on to something

while holding key in start position, move shifter thru it's range in the normal area of netural, kind of wave it over the area a few times while holding key

there is probally some sort of netural lock out device in shifter to prevent starting in gear

perhaps netural safety switch is out of adjustment, popped out of it's place or needs replacement

perhaps the next order of business is to pop the shifter assembly cover open and eyeball the inards. a liberal wd-40 spray around the switches and wires and grease the cable ends/control handle

give a good look to whatever the lock out feature is and perhaps even jumper out the wires to the lock out and attempt to start with key

this is on the new info that your got something while jiggleing the control lever

let us know
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No Problem

yeah, glad you did it u self. just a note of reference. cars and trucks got netch safety switches also. good to know about them little dohickeys
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