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Outboard Engine Problem, Help!!!

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OK, I need some help. I have a 21 ft Seaswirl with a Johnson 130 outboard. I was out fishing on Saturday, everything was fine. I stopped on the way in to make a few casts, and when I went to start up again, nothing. I eventually had to get a tow from SeaTow. (Thank God for tow insurance). I can't figure out what is wrong. I get absolutly nothing when I try to start the motor. All of the other electrical systems are fine. I don't believe it is the starter, or the batteries, nothing happens at all when I turn the key (no clicking of the starter, just silence). All of the wireing looks fine, I checked the connections to the battery, and they are fine. My guess is either a simple loose wire that I haven't found, or possible a problem with the shifter.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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I agree that you should save your money and troubleshoot first. Many OMC engines also have ignition fuses. You should remove the hood and check any fuses that you see wired to the engine. Keep in mind that if it is a blown fuse, it means that there is a short somewhere.

I ran into the same situation once with a 40 horse Johnson. Two of the wires on the tach were crossed. It blew the fuse under the hood. Everything else worked.

Another time a short at the fuse box blew a fuse on my friend's boat. The fuse was right at the battery switch. In that case the entire boat lost power.

A third time a neighbor did the same as you; he shut down to fish and then had zero power to the starter. In his situation it was nothing more than a dirty battery terminal. Everything else was able to draw power but for some reason the engine was dead without the good connection at the terminals.

I'm a strong believer that when you go from power to zero power in a matter of minutes that it is nothing more than a blown fuse.
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I agree with Roslynny;

You've isolated the problem.

There is a nuetral safety cutoff switch in every OMC shifter that prevents the motor from being started while in gear. Start with the good inspection/cleaning and take it from there.
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