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Other Species ??

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I fish Raritan for Fluke, stripers, blues and weakies and anything else that is willing to bite. I have been reading the discussions in "Ask the Pros" and "Offshore" areas and I am wondering what other varities are worth targeting in a 20 footer. I have received some info about sharking within a few miles out and recently about fall bluefin taking inshore migration paths.
I guess my question is are there any larger species worth targeting in a smaller boat. (Tuna, shark, Mahi, etc..)Dont get me wrong I love fishing inshore species but it would be nice to venture out in search of something different once in awhile.
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skirt i was the same way until this past summer all i did was fish for fluke and stripers etc i fish the FI area and for fluke we were having to go out on the reef i was going out 5-6 miles just for fluke so i figred why not go a little farther and try for a bigger type fish i have an 19ft cc so i madea run to the N/A bouy its about 13-15 miles out of fireisland inlet glad i did i fished with a friend that shark fishes and his boat was down he talked me into going out there for some shark we caught a 6ft blue shark and a few false albies that day just catching that blue made the trip worth it the fight was great i am so looking forward to this summer and doing it again with small boats like that you just have to pic your days
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