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Other Species ??

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I fish Raritan for Fluke, stripers, blues and weakies and anything else that is willing to bite. I have been reading the discussions in "Ask the Pros" and "Offshore" areas and I am wondering what other varities are worth targeting in a 20 footer. I have received some info about sharking within a few miles out and recently about fall bluefin taking inshore migration paths.
I guess my question is are there any larger species worth targeting in a smaller boat. (Tuna, shark, Mahi, etc..)Dont get me wrong I love fishing inshore species but it would be nice to venture out in search of something different once in awhile.
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Don't rule Cholera out for the hot August days, if you troll the pots you can pick up some Mahi Mahi, and Bluefin Tuna sometimes show up there as well. False Albacore can be fun there later in the month too. Make sure you get your tuna license if you try that. You can apply on line at

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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