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Original Spiderwire

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When Spiderwire first appeared on the scene I purchased a 1500 yard spool of 50 lb. test. I used it for everything including surf casting. I know there have been many improvements over the years with micro fiber braided line, but I never kept up on it because I had gone back to mono full time.

Given the fact that I have so much of this stuff left, I want to know if it is worth using, or should I just switch to Power Pro or Fireline? What was it about the original spiderwire that caused them to go away from it? I never had problems with it, I just switched because mono was just so much easier to fish with (knots, breakoffs etc.) Does anyone have any good things to say about the original spiderwire?

Thanks in advance.
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Pe line

I like the old Spiderwire
Spectra 2000 it was thinner.Most all braided is some form of polyetholene
I don't think Kevlar is not around any more
Because the old stuff had no coating it grooved the older guides with extended use unless you used SIC guides.
Also it was flat so it dug into the spool.
I justed order 1500 spools of 50 and 80lb of the new stuff the old stuff only comes in 300 yd spools.
For more info on Pe line go to

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