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Original Spiderwire

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When Spiderwire first appeared on the scene I purchased a 1500 yard spool of 50 lb. test. I used it for everything including surf casting. I know there have been many improvements over the years with micro fiber braided line, but I never kept up on it because I had gone back to mono full time.

Given the fact that I have so much of this stuff left, I want to know if it is worth using, or should I just switch to Power Pro or Fireline? What was it about the original spiderwire that caused them to go away from it? I never had problems with it, I just switched because mono was just so much easier to fish with (knots, breakoffs etc.) Does anyone have any good things to say about the original spiderwire?

Thanks in advance.
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It cut through the guides. Whether it was due to the Kevlar material, or more likely it picked up grit and "hacksawed" through the guides - it would cut through them.

Do't know if this was the reason why they stopped making it, but I'm sure it was a major contributor.
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