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Opinion on the Penn560 slammer Spinning Reel

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I would like to know if anybody has used the new Penn 560 Slammer Reel. How well did the reel hold up (relibility) throught the season ? Is it any better than the Spinfisher Models. I plan on using it for Surf Casting B.T.,Poppers,Darters, plugs,ECT.Any info about the 560 would be very helpful!!!
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great reel

been using my 460 for surfcasting (i swim to some spots)for a year now and i got to say, if you get it wet open it up and clean it thoroughly that night! i left it 2 days once and it would no longer turn. had to give it a total takeapart. no anti-reverse switch either - kind of a pain when casting artificials all day.
other than that it is solid, built simply (easy to take apart and fix), and has a great drag and line capacity.
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