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This is addressed to all of the members on this site who have tried to compare our campaign in Iraq and terrorist operations. It is not comparable in any way except that people die in terrible ways.

Iraq has had 12 years to consider that at some point they would be held resposible for ignoring the conditions of the UN sanctions. How does that compare with covert terrorists gaining entry into this country and committing the acts of 9/11? Unfortunately the US and GB are the only countries with any weight willing to put some signifigance behind the words.

Also, if anyone still believes that there is no connection between this Iraqi regime and other terrorist organizations then please listen very carefully. Santa Claus is on a diet. Please leave skim milk with his cookies this year.

To all in harms way good luck and God bless!!!

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I gotta believe in what your saying....because i was brought up not to be a bigot.
I find it intriguing though .....the connection that the muslim religon ,or at least a certain faction of it, has to such a vast amount of conflict all over the globe. right down to certain individuals like the traitor who rolled the grenades into his commanders tent in kuwait.....or the sniper last year in Va. or the guy who slit the greyhound bus drivers throat 2 yrs ago.

.....or the Black panthers.

i mean ya gotta admit ....there is a pattern here.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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