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This is addressed to all of the members on this site who have tried to compare our campaign in Iraq and terrorist operations. It is not comparable in any way except that people die in terrible ways.

Iraq has had 12 years to consider that at some point they would be held resposible for ignoring the conditions of the UN sanctions. How does that compare with covert terrorists gaining entry into this country and committing the acts of 9/11? Unfortunately the US and GB are the only countries with any weight willing to put some signifigance behind the words.

Also, if anyone still believes that there is no connection between this Iraqi regime and other terrorist organizations then please listen very carefully. Santa Claus is on a diet. Please leave skim milk with his cookies this year.

To all in harms way good luck and God bless!!!

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I always laughed @ this Bizzare comparison

There's this things called "Civilization"
" Right & Wrong " theres a way to do things & a way not to.
The rules have been in place for a while, we dont feed Christians to the lions, we dont burn Witches @ the stake, We dont enslave Africans, we dont put Jews in ovens, no more human sacrifices, ect, ect, ect..... We as civilized humans do thier best to live with dignity & conscience.
Islam radicals believe it's justifiable to Hijack planes & smash them into our tallest buildings killing thousands, WHY? Our policy towards Israel ?
Because McDonalds dont have Camel testes on thier menu ?
Why ?

I'll tell you why, because Islam is out to " supersede " all of Man's evoulotion throughout the history of the world.
They have no clue how to assimilate because of the "rule all mentality " God is Great " teachings & gist of thier faith.
I bet if they behaved right Palastine would co exist with Israel & even if it didnt they have Jordon & 99 % of all the land in the region.
It's all a bunch of BS that they took this to America.
let me get off my soap box,
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RalphFR, I was refering to the radicals

But one thing I'll tell you most of them were dancing in the streets when all of our fellow Americans were killed on Sept.11th. That speaks for something.
You dont see the Buddhsits, doing these acts or the followers of Hinduism, Taoism & the rest.
I think most Arabs other then Arab Americans hate us. I think most of thier views are radical. For example how many Arabs spoke out about the Sept. 11th attacks ?
& what do you think the Arab league thinks of operation "Iraqi Freedom " ?
Not much I bet. But having said that I'm sure theres many fine muslim's out there who would never be violent towards us.. @ least a couple thousand!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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