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This is addressed to all of the members on this site who have tried to compare our campaign in Iraq and terrorist operations. It is not comparable in any way except that people die in terrible ways.

Iraq has had 12 years to consider that at some point they would be held resposible for ignoring the conditions of the UN sanctions. How does that compare with covert terrorists gaining entry into this country and committing the acts of 9/11? Unfortunately the US and GB are the only countries with any weight willing to put some signifigance behind the words.

Also, if anyone still believes that there is no connection between this Iraqi regime and other terrorist organizations then please listen very carefully. Santa Claus is on a diet. Please leave skim milk with his cookies this year.

To all in harms way good luck and God bless!!!

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Alan, if you don't mind I would like to clarify your response as I don't think you mean all Muslims, only the ones who are cowardly enough to bastardize the writings in the Koran for their own politcal ends.

Please accept my apologies if I have made any incorrect assumptions.



No doubt there is a connection between Islam and terrorism but most Mulsims are good law-abiding citizens. Islam exists all over the world but most Islamic terrorists come from the Middle East. The Muslims in that part of the world have a gripe with the West because of Israel and their extreme nationalist and religious ideals about cultures not mixing and because of grudges they keep holding on to through the ages. So Muslim children born in the Middle East are ingrained with a hatred for anything not Muslim and it is learned from their parents and school teachers and other people in authority. They don't have a chance in some cases because their families and most ME governments don't want things to change.

Anyway my intent was to give the majority of the Muslim population the credit they deserve. As always a relatively small group of malcontents can give a black eye to an entire race and/or religious group with their actions. If anything as fisherpeople we know this to be true because in many cases we are labeled as loud, drunk, greedy, littering lowlifes within our own communities and we know that's not the case.

Just trying to keep Alan's fanny out of the fire.LOL!!!

God Bless America!!!

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So I think we agree. It is more an Arab problem then a Muslim problem. It's just that most Arabs are Muslim.

Sadaam claims to be Muslim but him claiming to be a good Muslim is like Tony Soprano claiming to be a good Catholic. For people like this the end justifies the means and religion is just a weapon in the arsenal.


p.s. Apologies to Soprano fans. I just call it as I see it.LOL!

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