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Open Boat June 21-22 NC Grouper Jigging Trip ***Swell Rider***

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I just notice Swell Rider Sporfihing has set up some more Open Boat Trips for Sat and Sun June 21 and 22, Also it could be a 24 Hr trip on board a 32ft Jarret Bay he is also running for the summer. Not sure on the cost.
Give him a call I will be going on one of the trips on Memorial Day weekend with the guys from the site here, Will keep you posted on how that goes. I look forward to seeing some of the guys from the site. Iam not sure if I can do a 24 hr the weekend of the 21 & 22. But Sunday looks good for me if anybody is interested in splitting up a trip..
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From talking with him he seems to have something in common with the old school bottom fishing captains that made structure searching an art form--before today's technology.


Very True.....

Angelo, I will you on the 26th..
That sure will be nice come December 1st.
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