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Open Boat June 21-22 NC Grouper Jigging Trip ***Swell Rider***

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I just notice Swell Rider Sporfihing has set up some more Open Boat Trips for Sat and Sun June 21 and 22, Also it could be a 24 Hr trip on board a 32ft Jarret Bay he is also running for the summer. Not sure on the cost.
Give him a call I will be going on one of the trips on Memorial Day weekend with the guys from the site here, Will keep you posted on how that goes. I look forward to seeing some of the guys from the site. Iam not sure if I can do a 24 hr the weekend of the 21 & 22. But Sunday looks good for me if anybody is interested in splitting up a trip..
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I'll be on the 25th, 26th, and June 1st trips. I will report and post pictures in this thread. I may be interested in going one or both of the June 21st or 22nd dates. I live in Northern NJ and if I could make those dates would share a ride with someone or we could take my car. PM me if interested. Ken seems like a class act and is knowledgable in finding those groupers. From talking with him he seems to have something in common with the old school bottom fishing captains that made structure searching an art form--before today's technology.

If I didn't have to drive with the schleps for our 23rd trip I would come down and fish Sunday and Monday.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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