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I posted this message under the 43% topic but for some reason it was ignored.
This wasn't a brain storm of mine, it was an actual topic of discussion at a D.E.C. bass meeting.

How about the D.E.C. docking a barge in each major inlet were they could purchase fish from anyone willing to pay for a license to commercially fish striped bass.
Minimum 1 thousand dollars for the license.
5 fish a day.
slot size limit of 28 to 38 inches.
Only 1 license per boat.
The D.E.C. can implement quota's to insure good future fishing.
The D.E.C. can charge the fair market price for the bass.
The D.E.C. can use the monies from the high license fee and the money they make off the fish to pay for extra officers and patrolling.
If you get caught breaking the rules you get stripped of your license for life and fined.
If your fishing for your 5 fish to sell and you happen to catch a 50 pounder well too bad you have to let it go, or let your selling catch go in order to keep your 50 pounder.

Don't quote me on the exact numbers but you should have plenty of info here to form an opinion.

P.S. One of the reasons behind this idea was to keep a better tally on the number of bass being caught each season.


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Maybe I am not understanding your point completely, because the idea seems a bit unfeasible, both logistically and fiscally. I thought you were kidding in the other discussion.

Why would the commercial fishing industry pay a thousand dollars a year for a licence that only allows them to catch five fish per day. The price earned for the fish would barely pay for the tackle, bait, boat, fuel, crew?, maintance costs, slip/ramp fees, insurance and then permit. I don't imagine that anyone would clear much more than a few thousand dollars a year. Not a very good business.

Then you have to consider the cost to the DEC to maintain a barge and pay a staff in every major inlet around the Island. There wouldn't be any money for extra enforcement after paying for the fish too. Also, the DEC would have to have staff to sell the fish to markets. (I don't believe the DEC at this time sells anything to the public other than licences and permits)

It seems like your plan is geared towards sportfisherman who might like to try to make a little money on the side. The majority of sportfisherman only get the chance to get out on weekends and they fish with the dream of catching "The Big One". This would not provide enough time to make back their investment, and most probably would not want to give up the chance of getting that trophy fish anyway.

Your penelty ideas sound good. It is unfortunate none of this would address the issues of the sportfisherman who break the rules.

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I am not sure I want to put a government agency in the fish business. When it comes to buying & selling fish, it is too easy to fudge the numbers and put some cash in your pocket. That easy money might prove to be too much of a temptation for both individual employees and the DEC as a whole. I would not want to set up a system that could create profits for the people we have protecting the resource, by selling the resource. It's too much of a conflict for me.

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