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omc school

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Im looking for info on a omc school to learn about outboards.I know they have a adult education boces type school that meets once a week but they only teach very basics ...thanks
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outboard school

artie, you gotta move to florida to go to the best school . here is a link to a guy that went there, i forget the name of the school but if you email this capt. and tell him i sent you, he will surely write you the name of the school

ask for capt rob mazzei

you gotta live in florida for a year,\, then you can make 15 an hour to start, in a few years perhaps 25 hour and share of labor. or open you own shop

you got it in you? you like to fix rusetd, barnicle encrusted boats? spend all day in a baot yard? i could do it! yeah
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