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Offshore Wrecks- Where?

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My Grandpa's bringing up his sailboat from Florida in Summer. Anyone know some good offshore spots to fish? I want to target Seabass, Cobias, Piked Dogfish, and Triggers, as well as anything else that's around. Now I'm no navigator, but my Grandpa has a GPS and everything so if you give me coordinance or something I can tell him and he'll find it for us. Preferably the spot should be less than 100 feet deep as I'm not in the mood for experimenting on venting a fish. Also I would like a deadbait r artificial lure tactic to use, as well as line wieght. Thanx,
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lighttackleman wrote:
I too would like to find a wreck in the northeast where i could catch cobias and knothead seabass all in the same drop too and while im out it would be cool if the spot held gags and black grouper and it would be even better if it was only 5 miles from the inlet.

Me too, me too!!!

All we had to do all this time is ask? :)No exploring, no studying of charts, no trial and error trips, no wasting fuel looking for spots.;)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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