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Offshore Wrecks in Summer

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I am curious as to if any offshore fishermen here think trying some wrecks say 20+ miles off for cod, pollack, ect is worth it anymore off LI. I have done so a few times in recent years,and caught only the occasional cod (lots of big ling though, I'll take them too).I know it's probably not worth all the time, money, and effort , given the current sorry state of groundfish populations off NY, but I'm ever he optomist.Any opinions? Be safe!!
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I don't fish to the west so I can't comment on the possibility of catching cod on deepwater wrecks back there. Off Montauk an occasional summer cod off a deep wreck is a definate possibility. But those ling are probaby not ling but silver hake which is a close relative of the ling AKA red hake.
If your in running diatance of coxes its usually worth the trip. It traditionally gets hot in July and the fishing last until the doggies move in sometime in Sept.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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