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I need some information on a pole that was given to me.It is a DIAWA- 50-130 LB CLASS STAND-UP-- ELIMINATOR ROD. Is this rod any good? I dont know anything about it, any info. on quality, price etc will be appreciated.

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Never look a gift horse in the mouth. As Capt, Neil mentioned, for a factory rod Daiwa's are pretty respectable. Being a stand up rod, I assume it is either 5'6" or 6ft long? As far as the guides go, as long as the stripper and the tip are rollers you should be in pretty good shape.

I use Penn Tuna Sticks at 5'6" length with Penn 50SW's and 100lb line on them. I'm sure you would be able to use the same reels or maybe even Shimano reels of the same caliber and be extremely happy with the results.
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