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Offshore Communications

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I need some advice on Offshore Communications. Specifically emergencies. Fishing the Canyon area out of Rockaway Inlet. SSB the way to go? I've seen them for about $1,200.00 at boatersworld but they also recommend an Autotuner? for about $500? Is that necessary? Is a SSB necessary? I want to go safety first, Switlik 6-man raft, Class I EPIRB, etc. Any advice is appreciated.
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I have both on board and they both work fine. The sat phone is a good choice because yes when you have a problem one push of the button and the coast guard is there. Sometimes when calling the coast guard either vhf or ssb there may be a delay because it has happened to me. I use the ssb for finding out where the fish are and whats going on in the canyons. Sat phones are world wide coverage and getting intouch with someone is better that no one hearing you at all even if you called your wife and she called the coast guard and related messages to them. I would go with the sat phone because you still have a vhf and can still get a may day off to another vessel in the canyon. Everyone has a vhf and not a ssb. Just my opinion and yes I do fish the canyons.
Its funny when I take people out to the canyons for the first time they are a little nervous traveling 80 plus miles but when they see the safety equipment and electronics on board it relaxes them a little bit and my personal opinion is if god forbit something goes wrong out in the canyons and I have to abandon my vessel its the safest place to do it. At any given time you have 50 plus boats out there your chances of being rescued are greater out there then say 30 miles out. Jecaro I do hear you out there and my vessel is the "Full House" so if you see me give me a shout. I guess you can say why not invest in both. Se safe guys.

My home port is center moriches and I leave out of either moriches inlet or shinne**** depending on conditions. So anytime just give a shout and vice versa for me. Mako Mike your right about your post. I fished atlantis a couple of times and there aren't as many boats out there as there would be in the hudson but thats where he is most likely is going to fish. For the extra 500 dollars you really can't go wrong. Well good luck guys out there and be safe.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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