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Offshore Communications

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I need some advice on Offshore Communications. Specifically emergencies. Fishing the Canyon area out of Rockaway Inlet. SSB the way to go? I've seen them for about $1,200.00 at boatersworld but they also recommend an Autotuner? for about $500? Is that necessary? Is a SSB necessary? I want to go safety first, Switlik 6-man raft, Class I EPIRB, etc. Any advice is appreciated.
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pussuit an SSB is a wise choice for both safety and also to communicate with other boats in the canyon.

as a safety factor the CG monitors SSB channel 2186 as they do channel 16(vhf).
the best thing is that when an SSB is turned on they automatically tune in to 2186,as a safety factor i think this is important.even if a novice flips on the radio all they have to do is talk and the CG will hear ,they are on the CG emergency for range i believe the range can be up to thousands of miles depending on the time of year.

one drawback is cost,they are not cheap and installation can cost a lot also.and you are required to have a ships radio license to use them which costs $150.

but for communications in an emergency and also for use in the canyon for boat to boat i feel it is invaluable.if you get one you will realize how many canyone boats use SSB to talk , even if they are withing VHF range.

i have found it to be very usefull in the canyons and would strongly recomend having one.

good luck.
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forgot to add one thing ,there are two channels that are used in our area 4125(450) and 4149(452) so it is not hard to tune to the proper channel to speak and listen with other boats.
pursuit yes there is more to installation.
one of the most important parts of the instalation procedure is the grounding.there has to be a certain amount of sq.ft. ground.thats all i really know .it might be a good idea to speak with a certified instalation person.

again i hope this helps.
pursuit don't be mislead , a sat or cell phone is fine if you want to call your wife but for an emergency an SSB is a better way to go .

when you are at the canyon sometimes it is more important to call another boat for assistance,remember the coast guard is probably 70 or so miles away and another boat can render assistance much quicker ,unless you know other peoples sat number you are out of luck.and that is if they have a sat phone.for a safety point of view an SSB gives you access to more people who are closer.

most sat/cell phones are not even water resistant get them wet and they don't work.also i have called the montauk CG and have gotten a busy signal.another thing with a sat/cell phone is that the call can be dropped .all not good things in an emergency.

ask anyone who frequents the canyon on a regular basis what they use.


good luck .
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captainj that quote is not out of line,it is just sound advice.

did i speicfy anyone?

by the way what is the name of your boat? mine is jecaro and i am out there every weekend or during the week.what's your boat name ? i will call you next weekend.ok? i usually fish from hudson to atlantis depending.

hope to see you out there.
JJV48 i will give you a shout next weekend,i am usually on 19 or 68 on the vhf and 4125 or 4149 on the ssb.

looks like west atlantis from the temp charts so far.

as for pursuits question both would be good,but he said he has money constaints and only can pick one.i would still go with the ssb.more options as in use. also it does save fuel costs when you can get a real time report from the canyon before you leave the dock.this way if the fish are in the dip you don't wind up going to atlantis.

just my opinion.

keep in touck out there,what port do you hail from? i am from montauk.
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