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Offshore Communications

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I need some advice on Offshore Communications. Specifically emergencies. Fishing the Canyon area out of Rockaway Inlet. SSB the way to go? I've seen them for about $1,200.00 at boatersworld but they also recommend an Autotuner? for about $500? Is that necessary? Is a SSB necessary? I want to go safety first, Switlik 6-man raft, Class I EPIRB, etc. Any advice is appreciated.
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Thanks Guys

Good information from all, but I'm leaning towards the SSB.
Togmaster - Why do I need the Autotuner? What exactly does that do for me? $500 is a heavy hit if I can just tune it myself. Thanks.

Jecaro - Is installation that different from a VHF? Battery, Ground, and Antenna? Am I missing somehting? Thanks.
Satellite Phone

Doctorfish - man, you make some good points. Now you've got me leaning towards the Sat phone. Do you know how long a contract you need to sign for this? I'm not sure I want to pay all year when I'll only need the phone for Jun thru Oct. Thanks Again.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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