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OceanFluke fishing on a party boat

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Please help, anyone. My friends and I would like to go deep water(like in Ocean)Fluke fishing this weekend. Can anyone suggest a Party Boat we can go on. Here's the kicker. We live in Brooklyn. The boats out of Sheepshead Bay are for the most part fruitless . HELP!!!
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Capt. Mike--Howard Beach

If you don't mind driving, try the Noli Eileen or James Joseph out of Huntington. Keep in mind if you are bringing any kids the JJ is not a good option. And if you really don't mind driving go to Montauk or the North Fork--All of the boats out there should be getting fish now.


I agree with Gama that the James Joseph may be your best bet. For whatever reason, the Noli isn't even sailing as of yet. My father fished the J.J. today and each angler caught three to four keepers each, the largest being approximately five pounds. Bear in mind this boat gets extremely crowded.

If you venture out to Montauk, try to hook up with The Marlin VI, Lazy Bones or The Viking. They'll probably be a few more keepers that are just a bit bigger.

P.S. Nobody is really fishing the ocean for flukes as of yet.

Good luck on your decision!

Capt. Jay
Thank you for your response. As a matter of fact we do go on the JJ once a week on tuesday's. We've enjoy the boat and crew. what i'm really looking for is a boat that goes into the deep water. I'm told that's where the huge fluke are. Besides I had a rod custom maked for deep water fluking and I'd like to try it out.
Head east if you want to fish deep now, Montauk would be your best bet for that. Honestly, if it's a doormat you want, I would be thinking the North Fork at this time of year...
The North Folk has been doing well with the fluke.

Try the Island Star ( out of Greenport (behind AP White's B&T). Good operation.

doormat ocean fluke

Hey try that rod out in orient pt on the prime time 3 . I have taken a few trips with fish over 7lbs. your rod will love the10-14oz sinkers 75-85ft of water. However I was out on thursday and it is slowing down. the pool fish was 7lbs but has been 10+ many times. If you cant go soon then I would go to montauk. The sea otter is a great boat for deep water fluke you would also be able to try for some bass on that same rod because he has a combo trip that jigs bass and does deep water fluke. the trip is a homerun.(mon and fri 7-4)
check them out and good luck with your new rod...
I had good luck on the JJ. and the Laura Lee but the LL is on Sea bass now. The Noli isn't a boat for kids either. Post a report and let us know how and where you did! Tight Lines!
Ocean Fluke

Montauk and the North Forks are where some of the big 'uns are.
If you can't get out there try this on your next trip .
Tie on your 40 inch leader 6-10 inches ABOVE the sinker (Fluke don't see well directly ahead). That raises your baits where they can see it. In strong current, tie lower down.
Put a least a 4/0 or 5/0 hook. Before the hook , have a 4 -5 ich plastic squid body. Now use a strip Mack belly 1/2 wide x 6 inches long tapering to a point. Place on the hook, skin side up.
Add squid/killies,spearing, whatever to taste.
Reel in freespool and thumb on reel spool. When that DOORMATTER wacks the bait, he will knock it down and lay on it and he will then crush and kill the baitfish. This takes time. Count to 4 slowly all the while letting line OUT of the reel.
THumb the reel and lift. Ih he's on, you'll know it. If he's just holding on , repeat the dropback. Do untill hooked.
Hope I have helped you out on some tricks to wack the big ones.
Keep your feet dry and catch 'em up.
Joseph B. ...aka...Ancient Mariner
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