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Ocean-X-treme 5'6" Jigging Rod

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what do you guys think i am planning on matching it with my 665 and get rid of the trevala. I have turned sides away from the trevala now. Like every body has told me i would "once you get into the Japanese style jigging more the trevala is not going to cut it for you" well they were right any feed back on the ocean xtreme rods?????

Ocean-X-treme 5'6" Jigging Rod with rod sock - Casting
Length: 5'6"
Type: Casting
Line Weight: 80-100lb
Lure Weight: 600g
Max. Drag: 30lb
Action: Medium-Slow
Part # OTI-3101-56C
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I bought two of them. World of difference between the 600gram OTI and the 58XXH trevala. I have one paired up with a 665 2-speed. Nice setup. I put a couple YF in the 85# range on the deck quickly using 25#s of drag. I used 80# depthfinder line with 80# floro. Nice rod for the price.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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