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Just wondering if any of you are glad this is comming around? I know i am. Pugsly creek is in my back yard as well as Cason point. For years they have been neglectited and now they are redoing them. Bike trails along with canoe/kayak launch. Plus the patrols of police on bikes in the area has been a nice sight. This saterday i was fishing at the end of Castle hill and some people were down by the water putting coconuts and foam plates of who knows what all over the place. Years of this and you can imagine how trashy it looks. Well the polce came down there and caught them, wrote them tickets from what i could tell. One officer came up to me and asked if he could look in my cooler, saw my bottles of gatorade and smiled, had my emptys in there too. He thumbed over to the yahoos in skirts and said they had some community service comming to them. One officer was takeing pictues.

I dont know about you guys but im excited to see them cleaning up and giveing me a place so close to home to put in at. Looks like im going to have to get a permit though.

Reading the rules it states no motors or outboards can be launched from the sites. my canoe is registerd with the numbers and i use a small trolling motor along with paddleing. Does this meen i cant use the trolling motor?
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