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ny regulations -trolling motor

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I'm interested in getting a kayak with a Minn Kota trolling motor setup. I'd like to know if the kayak has to be registered with NYS or not.
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I was trying to find what i would need to Register my fishing kayak with a trolling motor in NY. After a few visits to the DMV and four hours of waiting, I finally got my registration stickers. :D . So here's what it took for me to get this done.
I took the HIN# from my kayak and contacted the manufacturer at OLD TOWN kayak. I emailed them and they responded within the hour. They told me I needed a " Manufacturer's Statement of Origin ". They mailed it to me, in my name, that week. then I needed a "Bill of Sale ". I printed one from the DMV website. The form # is MV-912 . I also need forms " MV-82B" , "MV-51B" , "MV-51" ," DTF-802" and a picture of the HIN# off the side of the kayak. It seem like a lot, (which it is) but, it you know all this ahead of time and go to the DMV when its not so busy then you'd properly can get it done in a few minute.
The biggest problem was I had to get the person I bought the kayak from to sign all or most of these forms. So allegedly, I had my friend sign that I bought it from him. I did this because there was no paper trail on the kayak of who bought it when and how long they owned it. So I allegedly made that part up.
Then it also says that the person who sold it to you had to own it over a year. It also asked for the owner of the kayak before the person who sold it to you. For this I used the name of the guy I actually bought it from. after all that craziness, I paid around $28 in taxes on a $300 kayak and around $25 for a three year registration. The DMV gave me a non transferable registration card. They said in a few week, Albany will send me another one that is Transferable. So if i want to sale it in the future i can. I hope this post helps someone who are trying to Modify their fishing kayak with a motor like me. The only question I have for the future is, If i remove the motor, will I still have pay to register it ? :tipup:
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