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ny regulations -trolling motor

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I'm interested in getting a kayak with a Minn Kota trolling motor setup. I'd like to know if the kayak has to be registered with NYS or not.
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Good to go

Eletric motors need no registration....I have been using them for years on Canoes and John boats in salt water and fresh water, here and upstate and in other statesas well. As far as I know a registration is not required nor has any Law enforcement agency every questioned that fact.

Gas engines do require a registration .......Urrr ... however I have never had a problem with smaller motors 5 horse or less. Although, I have had that brought to my attention by the law enforcement types they never seem to push the issue as they are mounted on a sort of temp basis. So they don't really enforce it strictly.

I have a few two horse weed wacker type out boards which I used extensively here and upstate water one has even blinked at. I assume you would be ok off a kayak in salt water....butlegally registration is required

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