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Today on our company website there was anouncement concerning a program called The Beauty of Sustainability.

This was part of the "blurb:
Perhaps the most tangible expression of "Bringing the Best to Everyone we Touch" begins in Research and Development (R&D), where our desire to create sustainable practices that lead and set precedent for responsible research and development in the future, has translated into a tireless search for innovative, efficacious ingredients. In addition, our innovative and efficacious R&D employees are second to none.

Today, there are more than 450 scientists and researchers in our eight Research & Development facilities around the world located in Melville, New York; Oevel, Belgium; Tokyo, Japan; Markham, Ontario; Blaine, Minnesota; Shanghai, China; and Kobe, Japan. Executives Dr. Ken Marenus, Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs Worldwide (with a PhD in Biology), Lynn Mazzella, Vice President, Global Product Development and Christine Baier, Executive Director, R&D, discuss the department's priorities and the future of sustainability at The XYZ Company.

This is the picture that accompanied Ken Marenus' name.

Yes - apparently we hired George...

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