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I just received a package in the mail from this orginazation, and I was wondering if anyone on this discussion board had any experience with them.

They put out a magazine and want $12/yr memebership fee, for the mag. plus a chance to demo and keep equipment!

I don't remember asking for this packet, but it sounds pretty good. If anyone can shed any light...much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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The way the tax code is written, a journal mailed to members of a not-for-profit organization has it's subscribtion rate divided evenly between membership, and a magazine subscribtion.

What this means is (for tax purposes) they get to reduce their tax obligation by 50%.

The "club" is superficial. The magazine is a matter of preference.
It really isn't a bad deal, particularly when they offer you "life membership".
If you like the magazine, by all means join the "club".
Steve Pennaz is no dummy, nor are the Lindners!


PS: You aren't going to get equipment to evaluate. Products are sent to 2 or 3 members for review. What do you suppose the odds are of you being one of them? Not as good as the lottery I'm sorry to say.

The magazine is freshwater oriented, with an emphasis on Walleyes and Crappies. Still, it is a source of fishing knowlege, and makes great bathroom reading, particularly during the Winter!

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