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Happy Thanksgiving Nerd, I have a couple of questions/suggestions if you don't mind.

1. I am only a very basic computer person, so the terminology here may be incorrect, but, is it possible to have a "search engine" to look up older topics? What I mean is kind of like a "Google" search, whereby you would enter into the search the subject matter you wanted to know about, and it would list for you all past topics discussed on that subject. Seems to me this would be a useful feature.

2. A voting/polling system, whereby a question could be asked and participants could vote on something, even a simple yes/no would be another good feature I think.

3. Unless I'm just missing it, the Fishing Chat appears to be under utilized. Is the system designed, or could it be used to have guest speakers, and keep the conversation controlled by a moderator?

Figured you wouldn't have enough to eat today, so I'd give you some food for thought.



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The search feature is here. Right under the heading Discussion Boards on each page.

Have fun on your trip.

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